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Fort McKay students participate in gardening project

Fort McKay students developed important knowledge while participating in a gardening project. This hands-on learning experience educated students about Haskap plants and the benefits of the high antioxidant berries that it produces. Students were each given a single plug of a Tundra or Indigo variety which they transplanted into a gallon pot. The fruit bearing plants, which survived nearly 30 days of little rain during the Fort McMurray and area wildfires, are known for surviving cooler temperatures and are great for making jam and mixing in drinks. The plants will produce berries in the first year but will need to be transferred into the ground soil within a year or two. At that point they will need to acquire a pollinator plant and bees to help the process. If you're interested in Haskap plants, please contact Thomas Sullivan at thomas.sullivan@nsd61 before June 29th or after June 29th. For more information about Haskap, click here. The plants were donated by Phytocultures Ltd. which is located in Prince Edward Island.


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